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Welcome to the party! 🎉

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Toonio is a simple and comfortable cartoon editor. With it, you can create your first toon in 5 minutes, save it to your computer or upload it to the gallery for viewing by other users.

And you can also continue other people's cartoons, vote for the best works, earn pencils — the local currency — and spend them on awards for your favorite authors. We have fun!


Welcome to Toonio!

To make it comfortable for all Tooners to be on our wonderful website, we have prepared a set of rules. We strongly recommend that you follow them in order to preserve the comfort of our (so far) small portal.

  1. Toonio is primarily a cartoon editor, and cartoons are very popular with children. This means that we should try not to scare off young Tooners with our behavior.
    1. If you really want to draw something that contradicts the norms of morality, space-time and other things that can harm the psyche of immature minds (pornography, drugs, bloody scenes, other adult topics), tick the NSFW mark when saving. So the thumbnail of the cartoon and its name will be hidden by default.
    2. The use of profanity is not punishable, but please do not overdo it with permissiveness. Or else you will DIE! 😈
  2. Remember the golden rule of morality: treat people the way you want to be treated. I'm serious!
    1. You should respect the person you talk with. Try to solve all quarrels without insulting anyone and winding up lengthy debates.
    2. If someone has offended you, refrain from insulting them in return. The harsh justice machine will punish the igniter of a conflict together with all its participants. Don't react to teases!
  3. Flooding is a bad idea. Especially under other people's toons.
    1. Flooding means not only repeating the same message numerously but speaking nonsense, too. That 10 comments with a request to like, that 2 comments containing nothing but "qwertyuiop." (or any other meaningless sequence of characters) are regarded as flood.
    2. Please respect the authors. Do not reflect over the number 42 under the toon, where a funny hamster is gnawing a cookie, if the author of this toon is against it.
      1. If you encounter a flood under your toon, remember: you can delete other people's comments under your works!
    3. Unfortunately, so far we have not introduced a system of private messages. But as soon as it appears, we will definitely mention them here as a place where you can flood with impunity (of course, if the interlocutor is not against it)
  4. If you are a bad hacker guy and have broken something on the site, please contact the Admin. If it's something really important, he can reward you with a cookie. 🍪

And that's pretty much it. Don't spam and respect members of the site.